Air Conditioners Are Important in Several Seasons

Air Conditioners Are Important in Several Seasons

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Cooling and heating systems in Bethlehem work hard throughout the year. Families, businesses, and government agencies all depend on having reliable and responsive HVAC systems. Many people do not realize that humidity can significantly affect the operation of any home heating system. Not only that, as a result of humidity interfering with the action of a heating system, homeowners can end up paying a lot more on their utility bills. Weidner Energy Savers is here to make sure that your heating system is in perfect working order.

Controlling Humidity is Important

An HVAC system is in part responsible for controlling the amount of humidity inside a home. Too much humidity in the air can lead to mold growth and other problems. Air conditioning helps remove this excess moisture to prevent these problems. However, air conditioning primarily functions as a temperature control system, not a humidity control system; some air conditioners may only remove incidental amounts of moisture from the air.

Homeowners should be aware of two important humidity facts. These are:


  • Approximately 60% relative humidity (at 78° F) is often cited as an ideal interior climate achievable with the help of an HVAC system. However, this balance is not ideal for especially hot, humid locations and so additional solutions may be called for.
  • Maximum dehumidification does not necessarily take place during the hottest months of the year; this process can be most important during milder times of year when the air conditioner is not used as frequently.


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An HVAC system that is well-maintained is going to deliver more efficient, reliable function at all times of the year. Scheduling a maintenance check with Weidner Energy Savers after the months of peak air conditioner use can help ensure that this system provides highly effective humidity control solutions.

Our full service heating repair and heater installation needs are also available to the residents of Allentown, Reading and surrounding areas. If the heating system in your Bethlehem home is in need of repair or if it suddenly stops working, our trained professionals are able to make repairs to the existing heating system, provide routine maintenance to your furnace, install a new furnace, and repair or install any and all types of water heaters and hot water boilers.

If you are looking for heater maintenance in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania , please call Weidner Energy Savers today!

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