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Furnace Repair Services in Reading, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Pennsylvania & New Jersey

At Weidner Energy Savers we have installed thousands of new heating systems throughout the Reading, Pennsylvania and Burlington, New Jersey areas. We are both experienced and dedicated to solving any heating issues that may arise in your home. From emergency repairs to routine maintenance, our trained technicians are skilled in providing the prompt and professional service on all makes and models of heating systems.

 Gas and oil heating issues can arise at anytime in your home. However, it if happens in the middle of winter, it is both incredibly inconvenient and frustrating. That is when you need a reliable HVAC company to provide furnace repair. At Weidner Energy Savers we provide fast and efficient emergency repair to your home furnaces, water heaters or boilers. Our exceptional heating services are also available to many other areas in Pennsylvania including but not limited to; Allentown, Bethlehem, King of Prussia, Collegeville, Phoenixville and Willow Grove.

For Furnace Repairs Call An Experienced HVAC Technician

Furnaces are not do-it-yourself repairs. A furnace is a complicated machine. It has motors, belts and fans that all can go bad. Even small issues can bring down your entire system.

What Should I Look For To Prevent Furnace Repairs?

As simple as it sounds, a dirty air filter really hinders the performance of your furnace. It can create strain on your furnace by preventing the hot air from circulating through your home and shorten the lifespan of your unit. Make sure to check your filter at least once a month and replace at least every 3 months.

If the pilot light is out or there is a problem with the ignition control, then your furnace will not work at all. The easiest thing to do is follow the manufacturer’s manual on how to light it and if it still won’t operate correctly it may be time to call a furnace repair technician like Weidner.

The thermostat is what you use to control the temperature in your home. It is possible that the furnace may be operating as it should, but if the thermostat is working properly your unit may be running too hot or too cold or even shut down. Make sure to program your thermostat to get the most efficient use out of your system and replace those batteries once a year.

You should view your heating system the way you would view an expensive car. Your home’s gas furnace, oil furnace and boiler all require regular maintenance to get the most performance and longest life from your system. This ensures that you are making the best investment on your money and do not have to make constant repairs. It also ensures the safety of your family as these products can omit carbon monoxide. At Weidner Energy Savers we make sure that is never an issue by providing you with fast furnace repair services.

It is our philosophy that an educated technician using the latest diagnostic tools can quickly isolate and repair any problem that you might have with your furnace, heat pump, heater or commercial heating equipment. In keeping with this philosophy, our professional heating technicians attend seminars on a regular basis to maintain their certification and to keep abreast of technological advances in the industry and give you and your family peace of mind.

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